Kingdom of Denmark

Capital: Copenhagen       HDI: 0.9 (10th)

Language: Danish

GDP (PPP): $249.5 billion

Population: ~ 5.6 million

Currency: Danish Krone

This small Nordic nation has been touted as the happiest place on earth, with citizens reporting the highest levels of contentedness with their lives. This is due to both a strong economy and extremely high standard of life. The country currently ranks above the US in terms of economic freedom, is ranked 6th in terms of nominal GDP per capita, and is one of the worlds freest labor markets due to its felxicurity model. The World Bank also ranked Denmark as the 4th easiest country in which to do business. Its position as gateway between the Baltic and Atlantic has long made Denmark essential to the Northern European trade network, and the Danish company Maersk is currently the largest container ship operator in the world. As a member of the EU and Schengen area, Danish companies have easy access to the rest of the European market.





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