• Worklinks: Canada’s Leading Provider of Payroll Software to Businesses

    When you are expanding your business, there are numerous responsibilities to be taken care of. Whether it is the successful company incorporation of your business at the new location or hiring of employees, everything needs to be done with the utmost care and attention. S…[Read more]

  • Pendylum Inc.: Payroll Software with Business Rules Automation

    Every business runs on certain rules and regulations that the legal advisor of the company must have suggested. Usually, companies differ in setting rules for payments of the employees and there are chances of disagreements which can lead to conflicts. The company has a certain policy…[Read more]

  • Worklinks Inc.: Providing the Best in Class Payroll and HR solutions

    Are you venturing out globally with your business? Have you thought about how you would pay your extended employees across the globe? Do you think manual calculations are a good idea for such monetary transactions? If these questions are clouding your mind and stopping you from…[Read more]

  • Know Why You Should Use Payroll Automation Software

    Most people dream of starting a company but only a few of them turn their dream into a reality. Do you know why? This is because there are so many challenges that a person has to face when starting a company right from hiring the best employees, maintaining contact with clients, and the…[Read more]

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