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Welcome to the LinkGlobalBiz website, our mission is to create an interactive global business community for members to market themselves and grow their business.

As small and medium sized business owners for over 30 years, the creators of LinkGlobalBiz know the challenges and benefits related to growing a business. It does not matter if you are an independent or a large business owner, as business people we all need the same tools to grow, market information, a way to present ourselves to the market, a place to tell our story, and a way to connect and support each other. This is the purpose of LinkGlobalBiz!!! .

Our small but mighty team has spent over two years researching information to assemble this tool for you. We currently have over 8,900 business information links, sorted by category, that have all been READ by real people so we can find the best resources for our FREE members. A lot of thought has gone into creating a website that would benefit business minded people of all levels, creating a platform to connect and collaborate. We are using new school technology to enable an old school idea: Work together and help each other expand our businesses. As our world becomes more and more inter-connected, it is important, but difficult, to try and conduct business in another country. It’s not like every company has the budget to jump on a plane and travel somewhere to network, find a partner, or a new customer. LinkGlobalBiz was created to become the conduit to assist you in promoting your business goals.

Please take the time to join this FREE site and tell your story, make yourself known so other members can find you. Registration is easy and will only take a few minutes. Member data will not be sold or shared outside the member community in any way, and oh by the way we don’t raid your contacts!!  (Isn’t that a nice change of pace?)

The goal for this site is to become a community working together to promote business growth domestically and internationally. We welcome your suggestions and ask your help in bringing the community to life: join, take advantage of marketing yourself and complete the Profile information, use the forums, send us suggested information for the Data Portal, and spread the word on LinkGlobalBiz.

Below is a quick overview of the site functions, we encourage you to check them out.

*Our Country Forums provide information directly from businesses and individuals in over 189 countries so you can obtain advice, tips, or see what hot business topics are trending. Just become a free member and join a forum to assist other members by sharing your expertise or post a question to obtain relevant advice.

*Our Job and Employee Search Portal connects global employers and job seekers from around the world. Corporate Members can post job openings (for a fee) as well as marketing material. Job seekers can upload their résumé’ (free) where they are available to global employers. Job seekers can also become a free member and market themselves by identifying your skills in the Member Registration form.

*Our Member Portal allows an individual or corporation to connect with people and businesses around the world, as well as to search for resource providers, teaming partners, or other professional needs as well as to establish an international network. Just become a free member and start networking.

*Our Country Data Portal provides users with the ability to quickly access consolidated key links to critical business information, saving valuable time in pursuing international opportunities and assisting you in understanding how to do business in 189 countries.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site, please join the community and help each other out!!


The LinkGlobalBiz Team (based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

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