Commonwealth of Australia

Capital: Canberra                        HDI: 0.933 (2nd)

Language: English          GDP (PPP): $1.1 trillion

Currency: Australian Dollar

Population: ~ 22.7 million

Australia is a powerhouse of the southern hemisphere. The economy benefits from a healthy export industry, a wealth of natural resources, and a highly educated and wealthy population. The country has been ranked as the 10th easiest place in which to do business and has seen an above average economic growth rate for the last 15 years. The population is highly urbanized and located primarily in major cities along the coastline. The cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth have been consistently rated amongst the top ten most livable cities on earth, and the United Nations has ranked the nation as having the second highest human development on earth. Being a great environment to live and work, Australia is an excellent place to do business in.




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