Peoples Republic of China

Capital: Beijing                           HDI: 0.719 (91st)

Language: Mandarin

GDP (PPP): $17.62 trillion

Population: ~ 1.4 billion              Currency: Renminbi

China has the largest population on earth and largest economy by purchasing power parity. The country is also the largest exporter, acting as a major player in international and regional trade organizations. While per capita income is below the global average, the standard of living and income has rapidly increased for the Chinese people since the opening of the economy in 1979. The rapid growth of the economy and the opportunities this provides, has resulted in China generating around one million new millionaires in 2014. The government is taking active steps to continue this exponential growth and development through investment in transport infrastructure, clean energy, and investing in innovation and research; the goal is for China to become a fully developed country with a high HDI ranking by 2050.





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