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French Republic

Capital: Paris HDI: 0.884 (20th)

Language: French GDP (PPP): $2.581 trillion

Population: ~ 66.5 million

Currency: Euro

Often described as the cultural heart of Europe, France has and still currently plays a major role on the European stage both economically and politically. The economy is the 9th largest in the world by PPP figures, and the country hold a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. French citizen’s standard of living is very high due to many economic opportunities, great infrastructure, generous welfare system, and globally exported culture. Paris, the capital, was ranked as the fourth most important global city on earth in terms of economic influence. France itself is also the most visited place in the world with about 10% of its GDP coming from the tourism industry. Its global importance and central location in the EU makes the country a great place for a business to tap into the world economy





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