Kingdom of the Netherlands

Capital: Amsterdam         HDI: 0.915 (4th)

Language: Dutch

GDP (PPP): $798.6 billion

Population: ~ 16.9 million

Currency: Euro


This lowlands kingdom is the powerhouse of the Benelux countries, and the sixth largest economy in the European Union. Its strategic location in Western Europe means that the country acts as a European transportation hub, with some of Europe’s most important train, plane, and shipping hubs. The port of Rotterdam is the busiest port in the EU, and for 40 years until 2002 was the busiest port in the world; over 30,500 ships make port every year here. The quality of life is extremely high, and the country is ranked fourth on the human development index, above the US and Germany. The Netherlands benefits from a high level of foreign investment, is known for its ease of doing business, and has one of the most competitive economies in the world.





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