Poultry Manager


Executive Summary:


Expert in Poultry Operations and Management with over 27 years’ experience within cross-cultural environment in MENA Region; with invaluable knowledge of crafting and executing strategies, managing projects, resources and staff in an effective and efficient manner through utilizing International Management ISO Standards and Food Safety Management Principles (HACCP). In Addition of being highly results oriented personnel with comprehensive understanding of poultry production industry and boasting consistent and proven track record of successfully adapting best business practices that improve overall business performance, increase gross profit whilst having limited time scales and budget targets.
Key Competencies:


·         Strategic Visioning
·         Coaching & Mentoring
·         Hatchery Management & Practices
·         Budgeting & Financial Analysis
·         Animal Production Operational Processes Mapping
·         Problem Solving & Decision Making
·         Food Safety Management (HACCP)
·         Emotional Intelligence
·         Internal Quality Auditing (ISO 9001: 2000)
·         Market Forecasting & Trend Analysis
·         Executive Level of Communications Skills
·         Project Management
·         SAP Software
·         Cross Cultural Awareness
Career Experience:

Feb, 2015 – up to date      Almurabaa Investment                                                                   Riyadh, KSA

Breeder & Hatchery Manager

·         Starts building new breeder farms fully automation consist of 2 rearing farm (12 houses) and 4 production farms (24 houses).

·         Looking to the existing hatchery petersime machine producing 40 million DOC/year.


Nov, 2011 – Nov, 2014
Al Bayad Farms                                                                                 Riyadh, KSA

Al Bayad Farms Manager

Main Achievements:

·         Produced 152.5 day old chicks / broiler breeder up to 64 weeks which is around 10 day old chicks over Cobb standard & Cumulative hatchability around 86%.

·         During 2013 we achieved 114% from annual target for broiler breeder & 103.5% for layer breeder.

·         During 2012 we achieved 108% from annual target for broiler breeder.

·         Established data archiving system for production and lab tests through collecting needed information and feeding the system to generate up to date reports and figures.

Main Responsibilities:

·          Overseeing Broiler Breeder (Cobb500) & Layer Breeder (Hisex) flocks.

·         Planning for the next flocks and arrange all requirements.

·         Planning hatchery schedule based on sales plans and targets.

·         Prepares Annual Budgets for overall materials required for Breeder & Hatchery.

·         Overseeing and leading Breeder & hatchery teams. (12 direct managerial reporting and over 100 labors).

·         Responsible for managing and overseeing daily farm activities such as maintenance of equipment’s, safety and health procedures are in place to ensure smooth running of the farm.

·         Monitoring and Auditing lab results and discuss findings with concerned doctor.

·         Assisting in developing and updating Farm & Veterinary daily polices and health procedures in compliance of international animal health standards.

·         Responsible for preparing business plans for future business expansion and growth.

·         Set individual KPI’s and objectives for the team in coherence with Business overall strategy; and keep close performance monitoring to ensure achieving budget parameters and business strategy.

·         Act as a mentor for enhancing and developing team technical skills and knowledge.
July, 2009 – Nov, 2011
Arasco Food                                                                                   Riyadh, KSA

Senior Manager (Breeder & Hatchery Operation)

Main Achievements & Responsibilities:

·         Increased hatching eggs production from 12 million up to 32 million within two years.

·         Planning the parent flock placement program for the current flock and future flock to reach our target around (1.2) million breeder flock within the two years.

·         Planning hatchery schedules to reach its full capacity.

·         Planning equipment required for new extension for breeder farms and hatchery.

·         Conduct regular results comparison and provide periodic reports to senior management.

·         Responsible of preparing annual materials budgets.

·         Overseeing and leading Breeder & hatchery teams. (10 direct managerial reporting and over 100 labors).
Dec, 2007 – July, 2009
Hail Agricultural Development Company (HADCO)        Riyadh, KSA

Poultry Planning & Contractor Grower Manager / HADCO

Main Achievements & Responsibilities:

·         Planned and executed building new breeder farms out of HADO main land for biosecurity issues.

·         Planned parent flock placement program; (6) farms producing 36million hatching eggs/year.

·          Planned broiler farm placement; (15) farms producing 3.3 million/cycle.

·         Following up on planning hatchery schedule to produce quantity needs in HADCO farm and outside farms.

·         Responsible for planning catching program in broiler farms to handle 500,000 per week chickens for processing plant.

·         Planned placement broiler program for outside farms; acting as a contractor with HADCO producing 200,000 chickens per week & feed and processing.



Sept, 2001 – Dec, 2007
Hail Agricultural Development Company (HADCO)        Riyadh, KSA

Hatchery Manager (Petersime Machines)

Main Responsibilities:

·         Responsible of setting and managing annual broiler farms programs.

·         Reselling extra hatching eggs to customers.

·         Responsible for providing periodic hatchery processing and manpower planning schedules.

·          Was acting as management representative for HADCO.
Jan, 1998 – Sept, 2001
Al-Osta Vegetative Chicken                                                    Amman, Jordan

Broiler Production & Sales Manager

(Family integrated project (Broiler Breeder Stock, Hatchery, Feed meal, Broiler Farms) producing around (150,000) broilers / cycle depending on vegetative feed for our chicken).
June, 1988 – Dec, 1997
Jordan Poultry Breeding Company                                        Amman, Jordan

Project Manager

(Project contains (Layer Breeders, Hatchery, Layer farm) producing (1.5) million layer DOC/ year, rearing pullets, and commercial layer chicken).

High Diploma in Animal Production                               Amman, Jordan

Jordan University
Bachelor Degree in Animal Production                           Amman, Jordan

Jordan University
Key Trainings:

·         Leadership and Management Master class MBA

·         Feed Hygiene & Intestinal Integrity in Poultry

·         Desvac School for Training & qualified in the set-up and operation on: Dovac, Wingvac, Imvac, Hatchspray, Cagespray
·         ISA Hendrix Genetic Training

·         Pest Control Seminar

·         Train of Trainer


·         Preparation of Training Bags

·         Training Needs Analysis

·         Hubbard school in Jordan.





Career Awards:

Jan, 2005
Outstanding Results Award received from Poultry Project Manager at (HADCO)
Nov, 2004
Ideal Employee Award received from Executive Manager at (HADCO)
Nov, 2003
Letter of Appreciation for Exceptional Performance received from Chairman at (HADCO)
Personal Information:

Marital Status:
Married with 4 children

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