Republic of Singapore

Capital: Singapore                                   HDI: 0.901 (9th)

Language: English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil

GDP (PPP): $445.2 billion

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Population: ~ 5.7 million

This island micro nation off the coast of Malaysia is known as an Asian Tiger economy due to its rapid economic ascendance. Located at the crossroads of global shipping and trade, the port of Singapore is the second busiest in the world; the economy is thus heavily reliant on high quality exports. Singapore is one of most developed and economically free countries on the face of the earth, with one of the highest qualities of life and high GDP per capita. Singapore was ranked first by the World Bank in ease of doing business and one of the least corrupt nations on earth. Due to the stable political environment, government fiscal responsibility, status as a global financial hub, and low taxes, Singapore is a popular destination for foreign investment.





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